K&K Meat Shoppe
10682 Main St. | Mantua, Ohio | 330-274-5322

Our Story

In the 1950’s, Yaro Kolar and his sons Jerry and Dennis started a business supplying fine meats and sausage products in Cleveland Ohio, establishing K&K Meat Shoppe. Jerry and Dennis later branched off opening another store, K&K Portage Market on Warren Road. In 1979, Dennis established K&K Meat Shoppe in Maple heights, Ohio. Dennis then became Dennis Senior, and his own family continued the tradition of serving fine meats.

In 2001, Dennis Sr. and Dennis Jr. opened a branch in Mantua, Ohio. Our shop has a wood-burning smokehouse where the Kolars make their own smoked sausage. We bring to Mantua the family specialties, reflecting the Kolar’s Bohemian and Hungarian heritage, such as Hurka, a Hungarian rice-ring sausage, smoked Polish kielbasa, Hungarian kolbaz, and Slovenian sausage along with a variety of fresh sausages including Polish, Hungarian, Italian and breakfast as well as others. We serve fresh poultry, and have a wide variety of fresh cuts of pork and beef. We also have a full service deli stocked with deli meats, cheeses, salads, and smokies, where we specialize in making sub sandwiches made to order any time throughout the day. We have hot lunch specials that change daily and weekly dinner specials. It is best to give us a call to ask for our menu since it is ever changing. We have our famous Wonderoast seasoned rotisserie chickens, homemade pepperoni bread, bakery such as cookies, pies and kolachki pastries, and homemade Italian bread. We have a commendable selection of produce, breads, and other grocery items to compliment our meat products!

We have a small catering menu with our famous hot prepared foods dishes along with all of our sub sandwich and deli trays to cater the needs for any special occasion. We strive to provide high quality products and service, as we love being in small town Mantua, Ohio. Stop in, you will not be disappointed!